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Dalibor  Đumić

 Software Engineer



August 2021 – present

Test Engineer – Fulltime

System Verification, Sarajevo

August 2018 – present

Embedded Software Engineer – Fulltime

RT-RK LLC, Banja Luka

October 2017 – June 2018

Embedded System Developer – Contract

misijaweb, ICE-NET d.o.o., Sarajevo

April 2017 – July 2017

Hardware Design Engineer – Internship

FREUND Elektronika D.O.O., Ilidža

May 2016 – August 2016

Embedded Software Developer – Internship

GlobalGPS BH D.O.O. Sarajevo

June 2016 – July 2016

Internet of Things Explorer – Internship

Authority Partners Inc, Sarajevo


October 2017 – present

Internet of Things – Master studies

International Burch University, Ilidža

September 2014 – October 2017

Electrical and Electronics Engineering – Bachelor studies

International Burch University, Ilidža

September 2010 – May 2014

Computer science and automation technician

Mixed electrical engineering and wood processing high school Bihać


February 2021

Master Microcontroller and Embedded Driver Development (MCU1)

[see the certificate]

June 2020

C++ programming step by step from beginner to advance level

[see the certificate]


December, 2017

Most Innovative Product

Burch STARTUP 2017, Sarajevo

October, 2017

The 2nd Place

Sarajevo Innovation Festival 2017, Sarajevo

February, 2017


Grad Bihać

December, 2016

The 1st place – Scientific Poster competition

Student and Young Professional Congress 2016, Sarajevo

October 2016

The 3rd place

Sarajevo Innovation Festival 2016, Sarajevo

February 2016

The Best Technical Implementation

EMECS-thon 2016

May 2014

High School Valedictorian

Mixed electrical engineering and wood processing high schoolBihać

May 2014

The 1st place on project exhibition

Festival of Work 2014, Livno – Country level

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January 2021

Leveraging Raspberry Pi as a Server for the Integration of the NETCONF Protocol within IoT Systems Based on YANG

Dalibor Đumić and Slobodan Lubura

June 2019

Integration of the NETCONF Protocol in the Internet of Things by means of RESTful Web Services

Dalibor Đumić, Sretenka Došlić, Marija Antić i Boško Milić

October 2018

Server Based Heart Rate Wireless Monitoring using the IoT Technologies for Future Smart Hospital Rooms

Dalibor Đumić i Nermin Đuzić

January 2018

Brainiac’s Arm—Robotic Arm Controlled by Human Brain

Dalibor Đumić, Mehmed Đug i Jasmin Kevrić

October 2017

Arrows System

Dalibor Đumić i Jasmin Kevrić

July 2017

Automatic Plant Watering System via Soil Moisture Sensing by means of Suitable Electronics and its Applications for Anthropological and Medical Purposes

Nermin Đuzić i Dalibor Đumić

March 2017

Stroke Center Heart Rate Data Acquisition

Damir Bilić, Amila Kaharević, Dalibor Đumić, Ermin Šunj, Jasna Nuhić, Naida Hodžić i Tarik Ibrahimpašić

November 2016

Blink-Controlled Virtual Keyboard

Sead Banda, Dalibor Đumić, Faruk Ćidić and Jasmin Kevrić


Mr. Đumić is a high energy self-starter who quickly assumes responsibility and is not afraid to face new challenges and situations. He has worked conscientiously so far during his Undergraduate courses and accomplished all tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude. During that time, he has proven to be capable, reliable, and industrious. Also, he has volunteered to assist in several projects running in the department and we know him as an accomplished and resourceful team member. He showed very deep background knowledge. I have also found Mr. Đumić to be responsible, have an appetite for success, talented, honest, reliable, team-player, and caring, studious, and capable student. His ability to connect with peers and his talent at instructing simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly great. I talked several times with him and he wants to be a successful Electrical and Computer Engineer. He has the potential to achieve goals. Furthermore, he showed great interest in exploring the subject matter and has done so, even beyond the scope of the courses. He has consistently excelled in all areas of her coursework, especially the topics related to Information Technology. Additionally, he has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is well organized and reliable. Mr. Đumić can work both independently and in teams and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. Besides schoolwork, he has also actively participated in volunteering and social activities.

Abdulhamit Subaşı – [linkedin]

Dalibor Dumic is ambitious, proactive young man who is not afraid of new challenges. He continiously works on his self-improvement, but is also openned to new technologies and trends. I had an opportunity to be Dalibor’s professor at the university, and to have him as an intern in the company. One thing that sets him apart of majority of his mates is his engineering sense to solve problems in the given amount of time using tools that are available to him. Do not tell him what to do, tell him what needs to be achieved, and let him do it…

Jasmin Kevrić – [linkedin]

There are very few students like Dalibor: he was able to manage his time efficiently, find a way to make everything he did exciting and help his colleagues with the material. At the same time, his extracurricular efforts were diverse and very advanced. Everything he did had three common features: (1) he would learn something from it, (2) he would help the community with it, and (3) he would have fun doing it. Both inside and outside the lecture hall and laboratory, Dalibor was looking for new challenges and seeking a way to excel. With broad theoretical and practical knowledge, Dalibor prepared himself for a bright future as an engineer. With perfect manners and natural empathy, Dalibor was, and undoubtedly still is, a great student, colleague and friend.

Harun Šiljak – [linkedin]

I had the honor to go with Dalibor trough our undergraduate studies together. I know him and his work well because we work together on couple of projects. I’m amazed by Dalibors persistence and commitment towards the projects that he worked on. He also has the constant thirst for knowledge and development of new and exciting projects. I think with all this said that Dalibor is a top-notch engineer.

Ermin Podrug – [linkedin]

I have known Dalibor since 2014 as a good friend, co-worker and very talented person with high level of ambition. I have always known Dalibor to be honest, loyal, hard-working and always happy while he does his work. Based on our experience together, I can confidently recommend Dalibor as a future colleague and as an engineer with a bright future.

Semir Šakanović – [linkedin]


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